This new release includes updated two-factor authentication, now it’s extremely easy to use tunXten with, for example, an OpenVPN Access Server instance which makes use of Google Authenticator for extra security. Now our software automatically detects any challenge requests made by a server and shows additional data entry fields in Logon dialog so a user can supply corresponding responses.

In addition to that the following changes have been introduced:

  • OpenVPN binaries are updated to the latest and greatest version 2.3.7
  • Chinese translation (thanks to Andy Lin)
  • Minor GUI and command-line improvements, like:
    – A visual hint about server address format added to “Import configuration from OpenVPN AS” dialog
    CLI commands operating on multiple configs now report the end of working session, which should help with writing automated scripts
    – Auto-compact mode: on its first start tunXten detects if the number of found OpenVPN configs is greater than 10 and turns compact displaying mode ON
  • Bug with broken “TAP adapter → connected OpenVPN config” mapping fixed in Setting dialog, Advanced tab