The two major things about the new tunXten release are these:

  1. Now it’s completely ready for localization. Yes, this means that tunXten can now be in your native language! If you are interested in helping us in this task, please drop us a line using support form (or “Send Feedback” link in the application’s About dialog), we’ll be happy to reward you with a personal license.
  2. OpenVPN upgraded to the latest version (2.3.2 at the time of writing), this means that all the new features, including full IPv6 support, are finally there.

There are also more changes, not so important but nonetheless worth noting:

  • Autostart feature for shortcuts can now be toggled from a context menu.
  • In compact mode it’s possible to show/hide the main window by left-clicking the tray icon.
  • OpenVPN version can be seen in the About dialog.

And, as always, a couple of minor bugs are fixed.