After a long while the new feature release is ready at last. The most important changes are:

  • Edit Configuration button is now available directly in Log Viewer, this should allow quick editing and testing the changes without leaving the log window:
  • A number of pictures for configuration windows in extended mode now bundled with the installer and available in PROGRAMFILES\tunXten\images\config
  • A new option for autoclosing a connection log after successful connect/disconnect event

  • Any shortcut now sports a context menu, simplifying common operations:

    These action can also be triggered by using the following combinations:
Ctrl+RClick Custom edit shortcut dialog
Alt+RClick Windows Explorer standard properties dialog
Shift+RClick Delete shortcut
  • When saving OpenVPN logon credentials the username is now stored encrypted just like the password.

Some minor bugs were also fixed, like these:

  • Some PKCS#11 identificators were not displayed correctly
  • Several visual glitches in compact mode
  • Sometimes individual configuration windows in extended mode lost their “on top” attribute
  • Changes made to shortcuts were not reflected in the GUI