Addressing our users’ requests, we’ve prepared the next feature release, which now satisfies not only ordinary users’ demands, but is also targeted at system administrators.
So, what’s new for both users and admins out there?
Users now have more control over their OpenVPN configurations as there’s a context menu available for any config, which allows clearing previously saved credentials, deleting the config or exiting the application right away without resorting to the Exit button in the main toolbar. Also it is now possible to tell tunXten to stop showing warnings in its tray balloon, which appears when a connection is established – check out new option on General tab in settings.
However, it’s system administrators who benefit the most from the new release, which brings extreme ease of deployment in corporate environment. There’s so much to tell about new things available to admins, please follow the link to the new overview chapter.
We hope you’ll enjoy the new features.