Several users have recently reported that sometimes clean setup of tunXten fails on TAP driver installation step, only Windows 7 and 8 seem to be affected.
We have investigated and fixed the issue, the downloadable installer is updated now and contains the latest TAP adapter driver. All our tests confirm there should be no issues now. So, if you are affected by this bug, please download the new installer and use it to update your current tunXten installation, all your settings will remain intact.
During our search for a solution an interesting thing caught our eyes – judging by google search results, it seems there are too many times when TAP adapter won’t install no matter what you do. And guess what – one of our test boxes has shown this very behavior! We spent a couple of hours trying every possible way to overcome cryptic errors, all to no avail.
Finally, this thread led us in the right direction and the solution was found at Cisco support forum, thanks to Patric Tran (who managed to persuade Microsoft to provide a fix) and to Jason Micari (who made the fixes available online).
So, we are duplicating these fixes here:
ifcleanup.exe for x86
ifcleanup.exe for x64
Regardless of the fact that the Cisco forum topic contained a discussion of AnyConnect issues, our unruly box in question has been successfully revived.